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Your People

The quality in which all people within the organisation treat & communicate with one another

Its Culture

Alignment of staff, stakeholders of the organisation, leaders & the brand itself

The Organisation

How the organisation communicates & its approach to non-bias inclusiveness

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Organisation’s with more than 100 employees should complete this test. There is increasing pressure for workplaces to diversify and it is the responsibility of leaders and HR to create and implement progressive and effective inclusion strategies that respects and acknowledges all people within – regardless of race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, identification or other.

Companies slow to adapt to rapidly rising standards within this important area are learning the hard way that mis-managing equity and inclusiveness is a costly mistake not worth the risk created by typical corporate ignorance.

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A niche consultancy partnering with companies globally who are committed to combatting racial equity in the workplace. 

Our mission is to help public and private sector organisations transform cultures to embed equitable, anti-racist, entirely inclusive practices.

We specialise in creating safe spaces for brave conversations. In fact, we’ve unlocked over 50,000 global conversations about race, transforming organisations from top to bottom. We do this for companies ranging from 100 employees right on up to 25,000 and beyond - and we do it all over the world.

"HR Rewired has guided us, listened and addressed our concerns whilst challenging our thinking and actions. They understood our business, perfectly added and brought a different perspective."

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