We'll assess your company across these 3 key areas...

Your People

The quality in which all people within the organization treat & communicate with one another


Its Culture

Alignment of staff, stakeholders of the organisation, leaders & the brand itself

The Organization

How the organization communicates & its approach to anti-racism


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About HR rewired

An independent HR advisory firm with specialist expertise in anti-racism and racial equity. 

Our mission is to galvanise leaders to tackle systemic racism in a way that goes beyond tokenism, performative measures and symbols of change.

Our goal is to transform the experiences of employees most impacted by systemic racism, bias and discrimination.

We specialise in creating safe spaces for brave conversations. In fact, we’ve unlocked over 100,000 global conversations about race, transforming organizations from top to bottom. We do this for companies ranging from 100 employees right on up to 50,000 and beyond - and we do it all over the world.